Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's In A Name and Cell Phone Madness

You might wonder where the name "Tuesday@Eleven" comes from. For one thing, I have a slight fascination with people who are named after days of the week. It just seems cool. Although, recently I met a "Sunday" who completely rubs me the wrong way. We'll just overlook that one. Also, when I can, I like to make appts. on Tuesday at eleven. It feels like a comfortable day and time to me. Do you have a day or time of day when you like to do things? If you think about it, you might see a pattern there.

Today at eleven I was at a Vorizon store waiting to speak with a customer service person. It was really busy, and I had to wait about a half hour. I had just come from the gym and was tired and hungry. I stood stiffly against the wall, watching the other disgruntled customers who were also waiting. I HATE dealing with cell phone issues.. what a long, dreadful, painful process. We got new cell phones about five weeks ago, and my son has had problems with his ever since. He used his own money to buy a fancy $155.00 touch screen phone. The first one he got went wonky for no apparent reason. The screen was flashing and spazzing out. So, they replaced it for free. The second one did something similar, and then the third one got water damaged in some mysterious, unknown way. He swears that he didn't get water on it. I have no idea. I just know that I wish I had bought the five dollar a month insurance so that we'd only have to pay fifty dollars for the phone I got him today, instead of 140 something dollars.

The woman who helped me at Vorizon explained that there was really nothing they could do but offer me a one year special deal, with a rebate. Water damage isn't something they take lightly. Originally the phone was 400, but marked down to 289, plus the 50 rebate, plus 40 off because my partner gets a government employee discount. I still have to send in my rebates for the first phones we got.. I should get 50 back per phone, and I have to send in the rebate for his new phone. Who can keep track of it all?? Yeah, cell phones are supposed to make our lives easier, but they've made mine way too complicated.

I hope your Tuesday was a good one.


  1. we really do pay for "convenience"...
    Oh and all cell phone companies are the devil. Nothing costs what they say it does and things that are free cost sometime later. Infuriating! But - I like being able to "ignore" a call :)

    my favorite time to plan something is usually after work on a Tuesday. No one else is out. There really is something about Tuesdays.

  2. Alright, Bonnie! A fellow "Tuesday" girl :)
    I agree, cell phone companies are the devil. Unfortunately, we've become kind of dependent on them.