Friday, February 13, 2009

Photography Friday #2


I hope you're having a fabulous Friday. I think that uploading my photos in large size rather than medium size helps a little with the clarity.

Here are some photographs for today. All of these, except the last one, are older photos that I took a year or more ago.


Flowers in the river at my cousin's wedding

"Pink Martini"

"On The Bias"

And to leave you with something tantalizing,
my salad that I made at a salad bar today for lunch. Oh my, was it good. I loooove salad.


  1. OH! How come I never saw those on flickr? The Dunes shot is just amazing.. and I absolutely love the flowers in the river, so vibrant, beautiful.. perfect..

  2. Some of these were on flickr a long time back (on my first account).
    I just don't know why the photos don't look very vibrant on the blog (to me). Flickr seems more vibrant.
    Thank you :)