Thursday, February 5, 2009

On Trains and Hot Cereal

It's almost the weekend. Do you have any fun plans? L.C. is away for a week. I drove her to the train station at 5:00 a.m. this morning. So, I'm trying to think about what I need/want to do while she's away visiting her family. It's always interesting to have your partner/wife/boyfriend/husband/girlfriend be away, and live in your "own world" for a while. You do things just a little differently, don't you. I think it's a good time for self reflection.

Driving to the train station to get that 5:30 Amtrak is very nostalgic for me. She and I had a long distance relationship for two years. Every couple of months I'd get on that early morning train and make the 12 hour trek up to see her. I know the route well- the sights, the smells, and sounds. I know to bring my own food because Amtrak food is not very palatable. I know that trying to use the bathroom is no easy task, with the high toilets and sharp swinging movements of the train. I know how the woven fabric on the seats gets worn around the edges, and how it's easy to get lost in other worlds as you gaze out the window for hours.

Today I might have hot cereal for breakfast. I never used to like hot cereal, but lately I've been enjoying it. I found this one that's delicious and organic, which is important to me. I got some ground ground flax seed to put in it too. Flax seed is so incredibly good for you. I also put a little milk in it (you could use soy, rice, or hemp milk), brown sugar, and raisins.

But before I eat, I'm going on a little run~

{ooh, there's that train whistle. I can hear it from my house}


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