Friday, February 6, 2009

Photography Friday

I love photography for the same reason I love poetry-it brings the viewer into a specific moment and feeling. I've been taking a lot of pictures during the last couple of years, since I joined flickr. When you view the world through a lens, the way you see things changes. You look for the art amid the ordinary. When you document yourself and your life through pictures, it has the same effect as if you were reading a biography about yourself. Your story unfolds before you. Words and pictures give weight and understanding to what is there and has been there always, and also lets you see more clearly where it is that you want to go. I think that is why so many people focus on self portraits and self-documentation on flickr and other social networking sites.

I'm working on improving my photography skills. I'll be getting another camera soon. My dad, also a photographer, is giving me one of his Canons that he doesn't use anymore. Really, I think part of taking good pictures is having good equipment and technical skills, but the more important part is simply having passion and vision, and being able to convey that to others.

I'm not loving the way my photos are showing in this blog.. they seem a little washed out. I have to look into a way to fix that.

And so here starts the first in my "Photography Friday" series.


I love S.F. architecture (and have a soft spot for S.F. in general)

Fiona's Feet. Yes, she has a lot of toes. She's a polydactyl.

Derby Grrls

My new coat, and Hyacinth

I love windows

Fiona, camouflage

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