Monday, January 26, 2009

Staying In With Yogurt

*Send For Help*

I haven't left the confines of my house for almost a week. Let me clarify that a little more. I haven't even stepped foot outside to take out the garbage- that's how "inside" I've been. Blame it on the flu. I'm starting to get a little wacky from it, but then again, haven't you noticed that the longer you don't go anywhere, the less appealing going anywhere seems? I fear that a full case of agoraphobia might ensue if I don't break this spell. What does one do when faced with a week removed from society?

Why, they make sure that their breakfast is color coordinated. That's what they do.

I love yogurt.

flavored/plain/with banana, apple, honey, oranges, mango, nuts, coconut, strawberries, crumbled up muffin, oh..... the many ways.

I'm all out. I need to buy more.

*IF* I can make it to the store tomorrow. We'll see just how badly I want that yogurt. Maybe I'll see if L.C. will get it for me. But really, I should go out. Tomorrow.

Or the next day.



  1. I completely understand. Staying at home in your own world for long periods of time does make the idea of reintroducing yourself to society less that pleasant.
    You may want to consider making your own yogurt.

  2. That's a wonderful idea- I should try making my own yogurt!
    Thanks for popping in :)