Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Bedroom Re-Do, and Why Change Is So Hard For Me

Time is really flying. How did it all of a sudden get to be December??
I hope you're all enjoying the nesting phase of early winter. Even though the rain, cold, and ice can get to be irritating and maybe depressing, there's something very comforting about donning the warm clothes, hats, scarves, and drinking hot beverages numerous times a day.

With more time spent inside, I finally decided to get moving with the bedroom re-do that I've been wanting to do now for, Oh... about two years. The problem with me is that when I want to make some kind of change in the house, I'm so overwhelmed by choices and indecision, that it's hard to get it started. I spin my wheels looking at design photos online, thinking about paint colors, styles of lamps, which duvet cover to get. I drive myself crazy. I've always been like this though.

It all stems back to childhood, and a very nice (but somewhat traumatic) day for me. My parents took me and my sister and some other kids to a big park. We rode the merry-go-round, and then went to the snack stand for ice cream. I couldn't decide between an actual ice cream cone, or a popsicle. My seven year old brain hurt, trying to decide which would make me happier. The thought of being disappointed overcame me. Well, everyone else got an ice cream cone, but I picked a popsicle. We sat down to eat them, and I took a few gingerly licks, as I gazed at everyone else eating ice cream. I tried to relish the popsicle, but it all of a sudden hit me that I made the wrong choice. I really wanted ice cream. Who knows why this felt so traumatic to me at the time, but I completely broke down and cried. My mom, always wanting to please me, told me that it wasn't a big deal, and got me an ice cream cone instead. But that feeling of making the "wrong" choice has somewhat haunted me ever since. I know.. call in the therapist!

Anyway, back to the bedroom....
Here are a few photos that have inspired me ....

I love this website, and spend a lot of time oogling over the homes. Don't you love to see into other people's houses? I especially love the San Francisco posts, since I love that city so much and grew up near there.

I'm drawn to light grey, possibly with pops of color thrown in, so that's where I'm going with my bedroom re-do. The walls had been a moss green, with the trim a slightly darker green. I've grown to be really sick of that color. So far, we've got the upper part of the walls painted, and I think we'll get started on the trim this weekend. I need to pick out new lamps, new window coverings, and a new rug. I think I'm narrowing the choices down. I don't want to take too long deciding, because I want it all to come together quickly. Then I'll show you some before and after photos.

Now, go make yourself a warm cup of tea or coffee and get cozy.
It's one of my favorite things to do.



  1. Oh I love all these photos you've selected! You can't go wrong with light grey, it looks so fresh and lovely and goes with everything.

    I have kind of the same problem, I am always worried that I make the wrong decision. And when I do make mistakes in decorating I feel soooo bad about them for a long time, I don't know why I can't just let go of being disappointed. Now I have this uneasy feeling about our livingroom - it just isn't working for me and I want to replace almost everything and that's not realistic at all right now. Oh well :)

  2. I hear you, Katja. That feeling of disappointment is really hard for me too. Although sometimes, if you sit on it for a while, you realize that you really do like what you thought you didn't like. I love your living room!