Thursday, September 17, 2009

Summer Recap

Sad to say, this summer has been so full (of the good, the hard, and the challenging) for me, that I haven't posted much to Tuesday at Eleven. I started my new job in full force at the end of June, which has proven to be much more than I imagined it to be- more exciting, and more challenging. It's pushed me to the outer limits of my body and mind. It's like I picked the exact job that gets right at the very things that I've been working on... the things that I've been wanting to improve.. such as better organization and taking my understanding of the body and how it works to a new level. This job doesn't let any of that hide.. I have to face it head on, and it hasn't been easy. Not to say that it hasn't been gratifying. I've never had a job that I felt so proud of. I've never wanted to work so hard to perfect what I do.

Pilates studio, where I teach classes:

Another big event this summer was my sister's wedding. It was beyond beautiful. You know how weddings are- there's so much build up before them, and then they're over in a blink. But this celebration lasted all weekend. We were at a bed and breakfast by the river, and I soaked up every minute of it. After all, it was my sister's wedding (she's my only sibling) and it was also the only "vacation" I've had all summer. It was so nice being in a beautiful location with extended family, focusing only on "big" things in life like love.

I did start a new book (which I'm almost done with). It's Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle." As you know, food is a big issue in my life, and I love reading books about food. This one is about a family's quest to eat only locally or home grown food for one year. It's opening my eyes to some new ideas about food processing and consumption. Very interesting.

My good friend Erin gave me this book for my birthday in August:

I'm super excited to try some vegan recipes.

For my birthday I requested (and got) some sprout making supplies. I tried one batch in a sprouting bag. they came out okay, but I'm not sure if I love the bag method. I'm going to try the jar method next. I'll let you know how it goes. I LOVE sprouts, but am always nervous to buy them in the store because often they have bacterial contamination. They're so healthy.. full vitamins and nutrients, since they're a very "alive" kind of food.

Seeds Soaking:

I hope you've had a fulfilling summer.
In a few days autumn will be here.
I love this season.

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