Thursday, March 19, 2009

Did You Say Tofu?

I'm trying not to eat much meat lately, which makes getting enough protein a little tricky sometimes. So, last night was tofu night. I threw this meal together, and it was more than delicious. All of the flavors fit so well together.. that's why I put it all on one plate!

Healthy And Easy Vegetarian Dinner


-soft tofu with onions
-mashed sweet potatoes with feta
-herb salad with vinaigrette

I don't have an exact recipe for the tofu since I made it up based on the memory of a dish that I used to love from a Korean restaurant.

Basically, you slice up some onions and sautee them in oil (olive or sesame, or both). Add cubed tofu. Add some kind of tomato-y base. I actually used some organic ketchup, of all things. The sweetness worked well in this dish. I also added some rice vinegar and a little chili powder for spice. You could use hot sauce instead of the chili powder. Red pepper flakes would be great too.

Slice sweet potatoes, and steam them. Then mash. I leave the skin on for more vitamins and fiber. Add a generous amount of feta on the mashed potatoes (SO GOOD). You don't even need to use butter...

Add a nice little salad, and you have yourself a quick and very nutritious meal.

I'm definitely going to be eating this more often.


  1. Mmm that looks really yummy!! =) I just love soft mushy things that slip easily into the mouth and taste good. Will probably try that recipe out someday!

  2. hehe, I love soft, mushy food too!
    Thanks for stopping by :)