Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sudden Fame, Soup and Salad

I saw one of my ongoing clients today at 9:45 in the morning. She had a double hip replacement a couple of years ago, and is doing pilates privately with me twice a week to become stronger in her hips as well as to gain overall strength and flexibility.

but right as we were wrapping up her appt, S., the owner of the studio, came into the room and stood there, looking at me with some urgency. This was odd. he doen't usually show up like that. He asked me if I had 20 min. or so, and I said yes. He asked if I would "jump into" the pilates classroom, where an advanced pilates class was happening (taught by his wife and co-owner of the studio, H.). There was a camera man in there, filming for either a commercial, or a webpage.. I'm not sure which yet, but S wanted me to get on the one last empty allegro (pilates machine) so that the class would be full during filming. Two of my co-workers were also in there, taking part in the class, so the room would look nice and full. I knew that we were going to be doing some filming this weekend, but I had no idea that they were actually starting today.

I didn't have time to think really... just ran to the back room, put on my toe sox really fast, and ran into the classroom. The class was going in full force - right in the middle of doing some intense 100's roll ups, H. cueing abs and rib funnel. It was fun and slightly surreal all of a sudden to have to "perform" and have a camera man stare down at me with his lens. The whole class was more quiet and focused than it usually is. People act differently when they're on video!

I didn't bring quite enough food to work with me today. Lunch was a sprouted wheat bun, toasted (the toaster at work has really come in handy) with almond butter on it. I also had a banana, an orange, and half of a Pure bar for a snack.

Towards the later afternoon I was really hungry. I stopped at my favorite" save-me -in-a-starving-pinch" health food store on the way home from work. Seriously, I'm sometimes embarrassed to go to this store, because I'm there just about EVERY day. Yes, I'm the woman who doesn't know how to do a big shopping once a week (I'm working on that). I picked up some ready-made organic salad. I love shredded beets, so my salad was full of beets, some sprouts, purple cabbage, shredded carrots, pumpkin seeds ( REALLY good in salad), and a little bit of feta dressing. I added some flax oil to it when I got home. I also had a big bowl of lentil soup that I made a couple of days ago, some raw filbert nuts, and lemon/ginger tea with agave and fresh lemon juice. It was delicious! Soup and salad are two of my favorites. I'd like to make a pot of soup every weekend during the fall and winter.


  1. Hooray, new posts!
    I wish I were in the habit of making a pot of soup weekly. It seems like a good one! I hope I get to see what was filmed... xo!