Sunday, April 18, 2010

On Travelling 3,000 Miles, Conquering a Phobia, and Going Back To The Birth Place.

I kept hush about it before hand, but my mom, Alex, and I went to New York on April 7th. We had planned this trip since last October, when my mom called me one day and in a hesitant tone asked me if I wanted to go to New York with her in April. Her hesitant tone was due to the fact that she knows I'm deathly afraid of flying. She can understand though, because she too, hates to fly. As a matter of fact, it was in 1982 that we last went to New York together, and our plane lost power in one engine on the way back. We had to make an emergency landing at the San Francisco airport. Yeahhh, that is probably when our flying phobias got rooted.

Nevertheless, we're from New York, have family there, and my cousins daughter was having her bat-mitzvah on April 10th. Our family there has been putting the pressure on us to visit. My mom decided she was going to go, and Alex decided he wanted to go with her. It came down to if I was going to go also - free tickets included from my mom's credit card points. I said yes.

This was the first time the three of us.. my mom, me, and Alex have gone on a trip together. It was such an adventure! I should tell you that Alex had never been on an airplane before (he's 15). He'd also never been on a train, or through a revolving door! It was fun to do all of those things with him. I mean hey.... the New York subway is a heck of an introduction to riding the train, wouldn't you say??

At the San Francisco Airport, waiting to get on our flight to NY.

We stayed at my aunt and uncle's house on the beach, about 30 min. outside of Manhattan. The beach is their backyard. So relaxing.

One of the main reasons we went to New York, was for my cousin's daugher's bat-mitzvah. I had never been to one. It was quite the event.

I like to watch the Regis and Kelly show (I'm home some mornings at 9:00). Something about it is very "nostalgic New York" to me. I sent away for tickets to be in the studio audience, and got them! Alex and I went to the show on April 9th. It was very surreal. At one point, Regis came right up to me and said "hi."

Waiting in line to get in to the show

More from Regis and Kelly

We spent a whole day in Manhattan- walking, shopping, looking.

Pigeons on top of the Empire State.

And a day in Brooklyn, where I was born. I love the old architecture there.

Is my fear of flying cured? Not 100%, but I'm definitely better about getting on a plane than I used to be. I was able to get into the "organization and rhythm" of flying more this time. Everything has a purpose and a timing, and works like it should for the most part. It also helped to tune into the air traffic control station and listen to the captain talking every once in a while. His voice was calm, and I knew that things were okay. I'm not ready to book another flight yet, but I'm glad I went.

What vacations are you looking forward to? Tis the season.

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